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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

An emerging brand in bringing quickest transportation service in Bhubaneswar, which offers a complete end-to end long and short term cab solutions for travelers.

What makes Odisha Taxi to stand alone:

About Our Services

Odisha Taxi Services offers a reliable car service in Bhubaneswar through a fleet of modern, air conditioned cars equipped with state-of-the-art GPS based communication technology. The service is backed by a 24x7 Customer Contact Center
Odisha Taxi Services are available round the clock.
You can book a Odisha Taxi either through Phone or Website.
•To book through phone please call +91 9338382999
•To book an Odisha Taxi through the website, visit our home page: www.odishataxi.com
Of course, and if the Odisha Taxi Services is not occupied or travelling to another assigned pick up, the driver will be more than happy to get you on board. If the Taxi Top is glowing red, it means the cab is engaged. If it is white, he is available and ready to serve you.
The fares for Odisha Taxi Service are those prescribed by the Regional Transport Authority / State Transport Authority for metered radio taxis in the cities of Odisha. These include fares for distance travelled, waiting charges, if any and a night surcharge as applicable in your city if you are availing the service during the night time between 12-midnight and 5 a.m.
The charge for waiting time while the meter is flagged on is as prescribed by the Department of Transport of the respective cities.
Yes, you will be paying 'Toll charge'- at the actual,, when you are crossing the toll post while travelling through Odisha Taxi Service. However, in case you have booked a Odisha Taxi& the cab is crossing the toll post while coming to pick you up, then you need not pay the toll charges.
You can pay the chauffeur in cash or by debit/credit card (VISA/Master Card/ AMEX) as per the fare on the meter with extras if any (for waiting or night surcharge) and a printed receipt / e-receipt for the same will be given to you. Please always insist on the printed receipt however the customer booking cab. The debit / credit card payment facility is available. If you have any complaint, please fill up our client feedback form - this will help us to resolve your problem quickly.
Always. Please insist on it. Our chauffeurs are trained to give the receipt for every fare they collect. If by oversight this is missed, please ask for a receipt.
Yes, you can pay the fare charges by your debit or credit card as well. We accept all VISA, Master Card & AMEX for payment.
We track every fare that the Odisha Taxi Services is taking at our Technology Center and actively dissuade our chauffeurs from taking an un-metered fare. An un-metered fare is in violation of the Department of Transport rules and exposes the chauffeur to penal action. Moreover, if you have a complaint against the chauffeur, you would not have a valid printed receipt / e-receipt at the end of your journey to make a valid complaint.
Please call us at +91 9338382999 and give us the details of the cab number, date and time of travel (all this information is there on your printed fare receipt / e-receipt) and we will help you track down your missing item. Odisha Taxi chauffeurs are trained to report items left behind in a cab. So if you tell us the details of your commute, it makes it easy for us to link you with your missing item!
Our system of handling bookings is automated and once your journey is confirmed by our Customer Service Center, a cab is assigned to report to you. We do understand that sometimes, plans change and you may need to cancel a booking. Please tell us as soon as you reasonably can - that you would like to cancel a booking so that we can avoid a Odisha Taxi Service reporting to you, when you don't need it.
The Odisha Taxi Services service is now available in Bhubaneswar. We expect to start operations in other major cities of Odisha soon. About Convenience Charge
Yes, when you book an Odisha Taxi, then a Convenience Charge will be applicable over & above your fare charge.
Apart from fare charges, you will be charged in addition to your fare charge at respective city & it will get added automatically in your bill.
This is not a guaranteed service. Cab will be provided as per availability. The Convenience Charge will be applicable only if you get a cab.
You have to pay this charge to our chauffer along with the fare charges. It will get added automatically in your bill.
Our booking service is a dedicated service offered to Odisha Taxi customers. The convenience charges are applicable for bookings confirmed by the calls. However, this Convenience Charge is not applicable if you book a cab through our Odisha Taxi service website or when you take a cab from the airport or pick a cab on the street.
No, Convenience Charge will be - applicable if you use the cab service. Any other service calls i.e. to check the booking status, to cancel/modify a booking, to give your feedback, or an enquiry call will not attract any fees.
If you book a cab on our Odisha Taxi website or if you hail a cab road side (if not pre booked), you will not have to pay Convenience Charge.